Commercial Roof Checklist for Spring Cleaning
Published On:  May 6, 2022
rooftop spring cleaning

At Camco Roofing Ltd, we recommend that you sign up for our maintenance program as we will perform many of these steps on your behalf.  However, if you choose to do some of your own preventative maintenance the following steps can be used as a guide:

  • Remove debris
  • Clean roof drains
  • Clean roof scuppers
  • Clean roof gutters
  • Check the seams on the roof
  • Check roof flashing
  • Check roof penetrations (i.e. curbs, cones, pitch pans, vent pipes, roof hatches, HVAC)
  • Join our Roof Maintenance Program


Remove Debris

You will want to go up on your roof and remove any debris such as leaves, tree limbs and branches, dirt, nails or screws, forgotten tools, and anything else that shouldn’t be on the roof.  Make sure there is nothing left on the roof that can damage the roof membrane or that can clog roof drains.


Clean Roof Drains

Roof Drain

Clean out any debris including leaves and dirt from the roof drains to prevent accumulation of standing water that can wreak havoc with your roof.


Clean Roof Scuppers

If your roof has scuppers, which is a hole or opening in a wall or parapet that allows for water drainage, debris should be cleaned from these as well.


Clean Roof Gutters

 If your commercial roof has gutters, these can be cleaned as well.  Just remember safety is important and being near the edge of a roof can be hazardous.  If you are not trained in roof safety and fall prevention, you may want to leave this task for your roofing contractor.    If you do decide to attempt this yourself, you should use a harness to prevent the possibility of a potentially fatal fall.


Check Roof Seams

 Visually check the seams in the roofing membrane to make sure they are not lifting and that the seams are not coming apart.  As the roof ages, the seams where two membranes meet can lift or tear and gaps can form.  If you see any lifting or gaps, you will want to contact your local roofing contractor to assess the damage.


 Check Roof Flashing

roof flashing

 Metal flashing is used at roof joints and edges, and you will likely see it installed at the top of the walls of the parapet.  Make sure to check the flashing for any potential damage due to wind, ice, or hail.  Take note of any damage and ensure to inform your roofing contractor.


Check Roof Penetrations

 There are many penetrations in a commercial roof including: curbs, cones, pitch pans, vent pipes, roof hatches, HVAC, etc.   Penetrations are any items or materials that penetrate the roof membrane.  These areas are more likely to leak or accumulate debris.  Take note of any issues you see and inform your roofing contractor.


 Join our Maintenance Program

 There are many problems that can occur on a commercial roof that require a professional roof contractor to resolve.  Commercial roofs require periodic maintenance to maximize the lifespan of the roof.  If your company or residence is located in Manitoba, reach out to Camco Roofing Ltd and we can set you up with our maintenance program.  Camco Roofing Ltd specializes in commercial roofing and flat roofing for residences. Please feel out our form for a free quote!

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